TerraComp Projects

Terra Comp Bronco

The Terra Comp Bronco is just one of our projects that shows an example of the quality of our product line. Click on images to enlarge.

The journey started in April 2004 when we picked up the frame. The beginnings of our Bronco. Bit of a sorry site! But this is what we had to start with. It’s a 1972 Bronco 302 with C4 automatic. What a daunting task. Seems like this frame was fit only for the graveyard. Well it looks bad but its only surface rust.

Sandblasted ready for primer. We welded on front shock hoops before sandblasting. Primed. Painted with 2-pac epoxy paint.

Frame with Wild Horses 3 ½“ Lift Kit. BC Broncos Gas Tank. Purple Gel coated Body Tub waiting to be mounted. Wild Horses Lift Kit & C4 Transmission.

"The Mock Up"
Trial pre-fit of body to make sure Body mount locations are correct. (Wheels are from my Chevy! - just as a joke!)
Ford Crate Motor 351W. Mickey Thompson 15" Classic Lock Wheels & MT 36/14.5/R15 Baja Belted Tires.

A better look at what's inside. Edelbrock Air Gap Manifold, Holley 750 Carburetor, C4 3 speed Transmission, Dana 20 Transfer Case, Hooker Headers etc...
  • 3 1/2" Suspension Lift
  • 2" Body Lift, Guardian
  • Pre-runner Front Bumper
  • Guardian Rear Re-runner Bumper
  • Flaming River Steering Column
  • BC Bronco's Adjustable 25 Gallon Fuel Tank