Bronco Body

The Bronco Tub has steel reinforced tailgate opening and steel reinforced Hinges & Latch areas. It comes complete with firewall, floor pan & inner fender panels. The complete Floor Pan is detailed like the factory original. Under floor braces are all applied in the same manner as the steel body. Solid filled for Body mounting. All Panel work is completed to simulate the original steel body and shows seams in the body work. The Windshield Cowl is fully molded in with steel reinforcement for piano hinge 1/8 plate. Enlarged Fender wells to accommodate for larger tires. Floor pan indentations and body seams to simulate the original body. Door Posts are steel reinforced with plate along with the Striker post location. Braces are glassed in for transportation purposes only and should be cut out before final assembly.


Picture Part # Product Name Edition
Bronco Body BS-2A Bronco Body Std
BR-2A Bronco Body (shell only) Race
Body kit BS-1A Body Kit (body tub with hood, fenders, grille) Std
Body kit BS-0A Body Kit (body tub with 1 piece front end) Std