About Terra Comp


Terra Comp has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing fiberglass composite parts. In a time where many companies are outsourcing their manufacturing, our parts are proudly made in house at our plant in Rocklin, CA., U.S.A.


We use only quality raw materials to produce our parts. Our parts have a smooth impregnated gel-coat finish needing only minimal sanding and prep work before painting. All parts are manufactured using hand roll-out, spray-up and hand roll-out, or a combination of both methods. Our expert skilled technicians ensure uniform part thickness for maximum strength and resilience.

Product Mix

Our experience building quality parts has allowed us to develop the proper mix of catalyst to resin. Without the proper mix, parts may distort, causing rippling, warping, and possible future paint lifting. A weak mix produces softer parts. A heavy mix produces parts that are brittle and inflexible which leads to cracking.


At Terra Comp we do all of our own product design, engineering, mold building, repair, and manufacturing in house. This allows us to maintain complete control of quality. We strive to give you the best value for your fiberglass project dollars. We apply our vast experience, superior time proven manufacturing technology, and quality raw materials to make Terra Comp your #1 choice for quality fiberglass composite parts. Look for the Terra Comp name on our parts. If it doesn't say "Terra Comp" it's not a genuine Terra Comp quality part.