Bronco Hoods

Terra Comp hoods are the strongest on the market. They will not flex at highway speeds. Our hoods have an under brace glassed in to allow mounting with stock latching hardware. These hoods have been engineered to provide the best fit possible. Extra care has been taken to recreate the Original Bronco look. The front of our hoods are returned underneath to resemble that true look when mounted. We have the largest selection of hood styles to choose from including our very popular High Hood design and our latest Cowl-induction design.

All genuine Terra Comp hoods are heavy weight, include strong underside bracing and steel reinforcement for the hinge area and brace area for secure mounting of gas struts. A steel plate is also bonded into the front of all hoods so the stock hood latch can be used for a safe, secure installation. Alternatively, hood pins can be installed to secure the hood. Genuine Terra Comp hoods are the strongest safest hoods you can buy for your Bronco.


Picture Part # Product Name Edition
Cowl Induction Hood BS-4RS Cowl Induction Std
High Hood BS-4H High Hood Std
High Rise Cowl Induction BS-RSX High Rise Cowl Induction Std
Standard Hood BS-4S Standard Hood Std
Terra Hood BS-4J Terra Hood Std
GTS Hood BS-4GTS GTS Hood Std