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Terra Comp manufactures high quality fiberglass composite parts and accessories for the Ford Bronco, Jeep, Land Cruiser, Dune Buggy, and others. We give you the best value for your fiberglass project dollars.

New Products

Bronco Body Tub

Classic cowl induction styling hood has 3" height at rear of scoop. The scoop can be opened up for more air flow or underhood venting. The air vent detail is molded shut, but can be opened for air flow to the stock heater/defroster.

All genuine Terra Comp hoods are heavy weight, include strong underside bracing and steel reinforcement for the hinge area and brace area for secure mounting of gas struts. A steel plate is also bonded into the front of all hoods so the stock hood latch can be used for a safe, secure installation. Alternatively, hood pins can be installed to secure the hood. Genuine Terra Comp hoods are the strongest safest hoods you can buy for your Bronco.

Bronco Inner Fender Panels

Both left and right inner fender panels.

NEW BRONCO DASH PANEL (A Terra Comp Exclusive)
Bronco Dash

Terra Compís new smooth dash panel is just what you need to create your own custom dash layout. No more filling, butchered, or rusty dash panels. Made with heavy duty fiberglass to withstand the abuse of off road or just cruising main street. This new dash is a direct replacement for the early Bronco dash.